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Apple released Safari 12.0 with great improvement of security

by removeos_admin

In summary, there are two main changes: 1. Block some old Safari plug-ins; 2. Support auto strong password.

When pushing out iOS 12 official version, Apple also brought Safari 12.0 for macOS Sierra and High Sierra.

The followings are the main changes of Safari, which can be summarized in two: 1. Block some old Safari plub-ins; 2. Support auto strong password.

Apple is facing data security risk again? Mac app steals the records of users

by removeos_admin

Top-selling app in Mac App Store has been exposed to steal the browsing history of users, and Apple blamed this for weak inspection.

According to medias, a top-selling app in Mac App Store has been found to steal browsing history of users. Since it’s quite sensitive to involve the data security of users, great attention has been drawn. Right after the exposure, Apple soon removed it from the store.

Lowest system version for Office will be Sierra from this month

by removeos_admin

Users need to update to macOS 10.12 or higher to get the latest version of Office.

Microsoft shared a preview of Office 2019 for Mac in July, and now, they announced that new updates of Office 365 will all be available as long as the system is macOS Sierra or higher.


Microsoft specifically explained in a blog post that users will have to at least update to macOS Sierra 10.12 to get the latest functions from Office 365/Office 2019 for Mac this month.