More problems occurred: Apple withdrew the macOS Mojave security update

by removeos_admin

Apple seems to have withdrawn the latest macOS Mojave security update (2020-005), which was released on September 24 with the macOS Catalina 10.15.7 update. Apple also removed Safari 14 for macOS Mojave from the update.


It’s reported that the updates of Mojave security and Safari 14 have caused many problems for users who are still running macOS Mojave. 

MacOS Mojave users who installed the update experienced memory issues, including slow startup, Finder freezes, a large number of system.log issues, and crashes when trying to use the transfer assistant. The complaint about the update started shortly after its release, but Apple did not withdraw the update until a few days ago.


Now Apple has released a supplementary update to Mojave, which may solve the above problems.