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Mac image app – Squash: Compression doesn’t lower the resolution

by removeos_admin

Image compression isn’t quite an exciting technology today, but this application provides users with truly convenient experience.


Realmac, the developer of web page design app RapidWeaver, just released an image compression app named Squash, which goes at $20 in Mac App Store.

Image compression isn’t quite an exciting technology today, but this application provides users with truly convenient experience. You can easily adjust the size of your images with it, and email them to your friends or directly upload them to any site.

After using it, the editor of 9to5Mac said Squash’s greatest feature is that the compression keeps the image’s resolution. For example, after a 7.5MB image is compressed, the size gets only 1/3 of the original while the resolution 4256×2832 doesn’t change.

Guides for newbies: How to delete extensions on Safari?

by removeos_admin

If the extensions on Safari cause system crash or other problems on your Mac, or you just don’t want to use them anymore, you can follow these guides to delete them.

For some Mac users, the extensions on Safari can be quite useful, in Apple’s words – Explore the Internet in your own way. But how to delete them?

1. Open your Safari, click the Safari icon in the upper-left and select Preferences.

2. Click Extensions, then on the left you can see all the Extensions you installed on Safari. Select those you want to delete, click Uninstall and Uninstall again in the pop-up window, or click Cancel to keep it.


1Password updated to support new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar & Touch ID

by removeos_admin

AgileBits just updated their password management application 1Password to support the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar and Touch ID.


Users must first activate Touch ID in the Security settings, then apps can be unlocked through finger scanning. Touch Bar makes search, adding and switch simpler and faster.

Although the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar hasn’t officially sold in stores, 1Password has launched Mac App Store as the first batch that supports Touch Bar.

Apple’s getting boring? User experience should be the first priority

by removeos_admin


No doubt that Apple is a giant in technical industry, however, quite a few people think the company has become a bit boring.

After the Apple event last month, their product plan in 2016 has been realized. We have met the new iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, etc.

But people think none of these products can be counted as “next big thing.” Is it true?

In fact, Apple has been working hard on their product improvement. For instance, iPhone 7’s been given many new features including water-proof body, stereo speaker and dual rear camera, though it doesn’t look quite different from iPhone 6s.

If you want to know more specifically about what Apple brought us this year – the processor of apple Watch Series 2 has been upgraded, and MacBook Pro for the first time has an OLED touch bar. Apple may not be Pioneer of that, but user experience should’ve be greatly improved.

Cook even called iPad Pro “a productive tool that can replace PC.” With Apple Pencil’s joining, many PC operations can be done on iPad Pro.

So, whether Apple’s getting boring really matters or not?

iTunes 12.5.3 released: Album & Lyric bugs fixed

by removeos_admin

itunes 12.5

Apple said this update also includes the improvement of stability and performance.

Today, through several platforms Apple has brought us new versions of systems including iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. In addition, iTunes got updated along right after they released the version 12.5.2 last week.

The iTunes update this time is mainly for fixing bugs and improving the performance, which applies to both El Capitan and Sierra. Specifically, the following problems have been fixed:

  • Albums may not play in order.
  • Lyrics can’t be displayed when Beats 1 is playing.

The last big update was iTunes 12.5.1, which gave us the fresh new look of Apple music while the whole app didn’t change a lot.

Now users can update iTunes to 12.5.3 through Mac App Store or Apple’s official site. If you discover anything new during the use, feel free to tell us by leaving comments below .