Features such as Siri shortcuts on iOS will also go on macOS

With the approach of macOS 10.15 and iOS 13, Apple has prepared for the early integration of macOS and iOS. The first is the cross-platform porting of thefirst-party applications. According to the latest reports of the media, Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time would launch for macOS 10.15 at the WWDC in June this year.


Siri shortcuts and Screen Time are the main features introduced on iOS 12: shortcuts allow users to create customized voice commands for Siri and can form instruction macros with third-party apps. On macOS, users still need to download the app from the App Store. It’s important to note that only applications that use Marzipan (Apple’s cross-platform framework) would get shortcuts support on macOS. 

Apple will offer a new SDK for Shortcuts at the WWDC, making it easier for iOS developers, especially iPad App developers, to move apps to Mac and get the latest features.


Screen Time allows the user to view the time spent in each application, and set a time limit for a specific application or category (such as social apps). Parents can also use the Screen Time to set limits for their children. The screen for macOS can be set through the System Preferences.

In addition, it is said that macOS 10.15 will also bring iMessage animation effects of iOS.

Earlier rumors about macOS 10.15 included a redesigned Book app, standalone podcasts, music and TV apps, and identification extensions of Apple Watch for Mac. So far we could know that one of the main changes in the next version of macOS and iOS is integration.

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