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Notion, a super digital note free for college teachers and students

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Notion is a stylish and functional note-taking app and a collaborative document editor. It can not only be used to take notes, but also as a blog, task management board, designer’s display of personal works, etc.


In the education market, Notion is in fierce competition with tools such as Evernote, Bear, and Microsoft OneNote and is shining because it not only supports students’ class notes, reference books, learning task processes, community homepages, but also provides teachers with online lesson production, classroom resource sharing, class schedules, and student manuals. It can be considered as a cross-platform super-assist tool. 

Features such as Siri shortcuts on iOS will also go on macOS

With the approach of macOS 10.15 and iOS 13, Apple has prepared for the early integration of macOS and iOS. The first is the cross-platform porting of thefirst-party applications. According to the latest reports of the media, Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time would launch for macOS 10.15 at the WWDC in June this year.


Siri shortcuts and Screen Time are the main features introduced on iOS 12: shortcuts allow users to create customized voice commands for Siri and can form instruction macros with third-party apps. On macOS, users still need to download the app from the App Store. It’s important to note that only applications that use Marzipan (Apple’s cross-platform framework) would get shortcuts support on macOS. 

Apple announced to hold the Developers Conference from June 3-7

A few days ago, Apple announced to hold the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose from June 3-7. The WWDC is one of the biggest event of Apple every year, where developers with the most innovative ideas gather.


At present, there are over 1.4 billion devices are using iOS, macOS, watchOS or tvOS, whose important updates will launch at the WWDC each year. Normally, new features of these systems all represent their future.

Apple: It is easy to transfer iOS apps to macOS, but no merging

Federighi emphasizes that macOS will never merge with iOS, not even for a touch screen.

At WWDC a few days ago, Apple shared a tool for developers to efficiently transfer iOS apps to macOS, announcing the feature will be available for third-party developers by 2019. But we still have many doubts. Wired has published the interview of Craig Federighi, Apple’s software engineering supervisor, who gave specific answers about this transfer project.

Federighi expressed that this project was established two years ago mainly involved the update for UIkit, as Apple needed to make this iOS frame works for macOS. He also emphasized that it did not mean macOS would be able to run iOS App right after this, it is not automatic. Developers will need to do some extra programming.


WikiLeaks: Apple macOS used by CIA

Previously WikiLeaks discovered that iOS vulnerabilities can be used by CIA for monitoring. WikiLeaks threatened Apple that if they doesn’t fix this problem, there will be consequences. Before any responses came from Apple, we learned new reveals already – according to WikiLeaks, not only iOS, but also macOS, which has the vulnerabilities that can be used by CIA.


Compared to iOS, macOS seems to be less risky though. WikiLeaks pointed out that CIA mainly uses Thunderbolt EFI vulnerabilities in Mac apps, and reboot won’t make them gone. WikiLeaks, however, also found out during tests that reinstalling the system will block the vulnerabilities, meaning hardware update will permanently fix them until the next infection.

When WikiLeaks newly exposed the problem, Apple has responded that more than 80% of the vulnerabilities were fixed through the latest update, and their engineers had been working on fixing the rest. For that, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, said they would like to work with Apple, providing information of the vulnerabilities they discover, so that Apple can resolve them with much higher efficiency.