Apple rolled the 2nd public beta for macOS Mojave

The main feature of macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode of the whole system, providing a new look for browsing.

After launching the 2nd public beta for iOS 12 and tvOS 12, Apple today rolled out the 2nd public beta for macOS Mojave, allowing non-developers to try out this software before the official version.


Developers who have registered beta project can download macOS Mojave beta through the software update system of Mac App Store. Subsequent beta will be installed through the software update icon in system preferences.

Before installing macOS Mojave, I suggest backing up Time Machine, and not updating on the main device in case of some issues due to the instability.

The main feature of macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode of the whole system, which provides a new look for users to watch at. With the improved Mac App Store, users will discover excellent apps more easily than before. And the improved window has photo gallery view, sidebar, quick search and quick operation, making operation and editing simpler. And desktop stack can quickly sort out all files on the desktop.

In macOS Mojave, Apple News, stocks, family and voice memos have launched. Now you can control Homekit products on Mac by using Siri. The group chat features of Face Time on iOS 12 can be used in Mojave, allowing you to chat with 32 persons at most.

macOS Mojave will be rolled out as beta version within the next few months, so that Apple will have enough time to check for vulnerabilities and fix them before the event in Autumn.

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