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First public beta update for macOS Catalina 10.15.4

by removeos_admin

After releasing the first public beta version of iOS and iPadOS 13.4, Apple also released the first public beta update for macOS Catalina 10.15.4. Early users who have registered for the Apple Beta test project can install it through the Software Update page in System Preferences after getting the configuration files properly.


This update mainly introduced the Screen Time Communication Limits, which has been brought to the iPhone with the iOS 13.3 update. This feature allows parents to limit the their children’s contacts, as well as when to use the social apps.

Apple rolled the 2nd public beta for macOS Mojave

by removeos_admin

The main feature of macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode of the whole system, providing a new look for browsing.

After launching the 2nd public beta for iOS 12 and tvOS 12, Apple today rolled out the 2nd public beta for macOS Mojave, allowing non-developers to try out this software before the official version.


Developers who have registered beta project can download macOS Mojave beta through the software update system of Mac App Store. Subsequent beta will be installed through the software update icon in system preferences.

Public beta of Mac blog publishing app MarsEdit 4 is now available

by removeos_admin

A new version of the MarsEdit blog publishing app has been rolled out. If you’re running the current version on your Mac, you can try out the public beta for free ahead of its release.

This is from the MarsEdit 4 public beta announcement:

“It’s been over 7 years since MarsEdit 3 was released. Typically I would like to maintain a schedule of releasing major upgrades every two to three years. This time, a variety of unexpected challenges led to a longer and longer delay.

The good news? MarsEdit 4 is finally shaping up. I plan to release the update later this year.


If you decide to install the beta, please join us in the Red Sweater Slack team to discuss the upcoming release. As always, I welcome bug reports and other feedback via email as well.”

If you don’t have a MarsEdit 3 license, you’ll need to purchase a license between now and launch for $39.95 to run the public beta, then upgrade to MarsEdit 4 without an additional charge.

Briefly MarsEdit 4’s top new features and changes include:

  • Editor Enhancements
  • WordPress-specific enhancements
  • Improved system integration
  • Expanded post downloads
  • Automated preview templates
  • Safari App Extension
  • Application Sandbox