How To Completely Remove ScanGuard from your macOS and Mac OS X?

by removeos_admin

remove scanguard

If you want to remove ScanGuard, don’t use this way that is dragging and dropping folder into the Trash. Because that many associated files and folders will be left behind. So how do you delete them all?

How to Remove ScanGuard on macOS through command line?

Step 1: Before removing ScanGuard, you can use “find” & “rm” commands to search and delete ScanGuard associated files and folders.

sudo find / -name “*ScanGuard*” –exec rm –rf {} \

Note: this command line is run in the Terminal, and it is dangerous for beginner and novice users.

Step 2: Go to the Applications folder. Find the icon and drag it to the Trans, then empty it.

Now, if you dislike for command line, and have no knowledge of macOS. Using Third-Party-Remove Apps is relatively safe.

How to Remove ScanGuard on macOS with MacRemover?

To remove ScanGuard automatically you have to follow these 4 steps:

Step 1:
Download and install MacRemover

Download MacRemover
Step 2: Go to the Applications folder, find the icon, and then double click on it. MacRemover will launched and display a apps list of installed apps on your macOS.

Step 3: Select ScanGuard by clicking on it in the apps list, and then click the Run Analysis button.

Step 4: Click on Complete Uninstall to remove ScanGuard and delete all its associated files and folders.

How to choose the best way of Removing ScanGuard for you?

Above ways, we recommend using Third-Party-Remove Apps, e. g. MacRemover. Because it can make sure your macOS doesn’t crash during removing ScanGuard.