Official download of Microsoft Edge for Mac leaked in advance

If you want to try it early and you are worried about bugs, you may download it now.


Microsoft briefly introduced the its Edge browser for Mac at the Build 2019 Developer Conference yesterday, but did not review the release date. However, the download address has been leaked in advance. 

According to media, although macOS is still marked as “Coming Soon” on the Microsoft Edge Insider website, the macOS version link of the Dev and Canary channels in the server has been discovered by netizens. Users can download it directly from Microsoft’s official site.

It should be noted that Microsoft has not officially released this version, so any bug encountered in use would be at your own risk. If you will not be able to do fix it, you shall not try it now.

As for the feature configuration, the macOS version seems to be no different from the Canary versions on Windows 10. From the report of the users who have installed this browser, Edge for Mac runs very smoothly, and so far no major problems have been found.

By migrating from Edge HTML to Chromium, the Edge browser realized  cross-platform use. After releasing the preview version of Windows 10, Microsoft now wants to provide similar downloads for macOS and earlier versions of Windows. The version for Mac even came earlier than that for Windows 7 and 8.1, so we can see Microsoft’s urgency to promote this new browser.


Download the Canary version

Download the Dev version

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