Apple launches Logic Pro X – “the biggest update in history”

by removeos_admin
Apple launches Logic Pro X – “the biggest update in history”

Apple recently introduced a major update to Logic Pro X, bringing a professional version of real-time loops, a completely redesigned sampling workflow, and new beat production tools. With the addition of a series of powerful creative features, Logic Pro X 10.5 will become a breakthrough version for all musicians, including electronic music producers.


Real-Time Loop


Using real-time looping sections on the Mac, Logic users can now create music in new, unfettered, non-linear ways. Musicians can organize loops, samples and recordings into a music grid and improvise and record various arrangement ideas on the timeline. In the grid, various professional production functions in Logic can be used to further refine the track.

Sampler and Quick Sampler


Sampler is a new-generation plug-in launched after the popular industry-standard EXS24 plug-in. It adopts a new modern design and provides a wider range of sound shaping control options, while maintaining full backward compatibility. Producers can use Sampler to create and edit complex, multi-sampled instruments, and use elegant drag-and-drop workflows to automatically handle complex production tasks.


Quick Sampler provides a quick and easy way to turn any single sound into a playable instrument. Artists can select sounds from Logic, Finder, Voice Memo, and even record directly to Quick Sampler. With just a few clicks, the imported samples can be trimmed, looped, and played across the keyboard controller. Creative sound shaping control options are also available.

Rhythm Making

Logic Pro X 10.5 provides a series of new creative tools that can work together to produce original beats quickly and smoothly. These beats are an important part of hip-hop and electronic music works.

Logic Remote

Logic Remote is a free companion app that allows users to pair their iPhone or iPad with a Mac and use multi-touch gestures to control and play Logic ’s functions and instruments. Logic Remote will usher in major updates to trigger sounds in real-time loops, browse and add loops, and apply remix effects to the passages.

Optimized Performance for Mac


Logic Pro X has been optimized to give full play to the power of the latest Mac hardware and macOS, providing amazing performance when dealing with high-demand projects containing thousands of tracks and hundreds of real-time plugins.

Logic Pro X 10.5 is launched today as a free update for all current users. New users can purchase it from the Mac App Store at a price of RMB 1,298. Logic Remote 1.4 is also available for free download through the App Store today. Users can register to apply for a free trial of Logic Pro X.