Apple is finally adding Face ID to MacBook Pro?

by removeos_admin

According to iLounge, MacBook Pro may have face authentication in 2020.


According to reports, Face ID will be first introduced to MacBook Pro and then to other MacBooks. It seems that the feature will also launch iPad Airs.

Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have Touch ID buttons, which is a boon for users. But it’s troublesome when you leave your Mac with an external keyboard or display. With the same fast unlocking and other authentication, Face ID can read faces remotely, making things become easier.

In 2019, Apple has returned to the Mac product line. We have ushered in a major change in the MacBook series, and it has rekindled the hope that new technologies will land in the MacBook series. Apple has added the T2 security chip to the new Macs and MacBooks, laying a good foundation for a secure environment. So we don’t need to worry about getting a new secure environment for Face ID – T2 has already paved the way.

The cost of Face ID is not very unacceptable to Apple users. With a small increase of price in exchange for privacy protection, security and convenience, Face ID is definitely worthy.