In addition to iTunes, the new macOS also deleted the Dashboard

macOS Catalina, Apple’s next-generation desktop system, has been pre-released. According to the media that experienced it first, the Dashboard has been removed from the new system.


Dashboard was first introduced on the Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger system (2005) and was highlighted as a core feature by Apple. The Dashboard has a separate page where the usre can customize multiple useful widgets such as weather, calculator, calendar, clock, notes, and more.


However, as the version changed, Apple has turned off the Dashboard features by default since the Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite system (2014). The macOS Mojave released last year further weakened the Dashboard functionality, hides it in the “Mission Control”, or users need to manually drags its icon to the dock for use.

In the macOS Catalina, the Dashboard icon has a question mark, indicating that the application can no longer be activated. Even the code line of the terminal cannot be restored.


Apple designed some Dashboard features for the “Today” page of the Notification Center, such as weather, clock, calendar, reminders, etc., as well as third-party applications. This may be the real reason why Apple removed the dashboard feature.

Have you ever liked these small plug-ins? What do you think about the new system? Feel free to share you opinion with us.

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