WPS Office for Mac returned with sincerity

In recent years, in the field of Chinese office software, in addition to Microsoft Office, there is WPS Office, which we are also familiar with. With WPS Office for Windows taking up half of the office software market, Kingsoft WPS became the only office software in  China that can compete with Microsoft Office. Recently, WPS Office for Mac has officially launched.


WPS Office for Mac is now available for free download on the Mac App Store, or you can download it directly from the WPS website. I believe many have used this famous software on Mac since the previous beta, including the 2019 beta. WPS Office for Mac is compatible with the  document formats of Microsoft Office and has the advantage of Chinese localization. Compared with Apple’s iWork suite, it has more user groups. The personal version for individual users is free forever.

  • Simplification

Office software such as Microsoft and Apple have been running texts, forms, presentations, etc. separately, and they are all large-size in our impression. WPS Office for Mac combines these office software, documents, integrating forms, PPT, etc. into one. After downloading it to Mac, you will find a WPS icon covering all.

The PDF converting (for VIP only) function is a stand-alone window that converts PDF into other formatted documents you need. What is important is that it converts not only text, but also images. It arranges them neatly on one side of the document for use.

  • All in control

WPS Office only meets the needs of users in real-time online processing and learning with a single cloud document function. All the documents you  have in the cloud space provided by Kingsoft can be used anytime, anywhere with the “auto roaming” function, i.e. the real-time file incremental update. The document being edited is automatically synced to the cloud at regular intervals. You can view and edit this document on any device. This is ideal for mobile workers.

  • Better for Mac

As early as the launch of WPS Office for Mac, the voice of Mac users for WPS was very high. After a long time, WPS Office finally came for Mac users. Looking at the Mac App Store’s download and user ratings, you will find how much the users want it.

A small conclusion


As an office suite that has just launched on macOS, WPS Office for Mac has functional completion and all-in-one design concept, which is very attractive. The software is compatible with the Mac’s operating logic. Stable cloud services, diverse rice hull templates, and localization support are all its advantages.

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