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Tutorials: Disable Touch Bar text prediction on MBP

Previous report said law students who have bought the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar must disable the Touch Bar functions when attending the bar examination 2017, because Touch Bar can predict text according to the words typed in.

During the exam, the Bar Examination Committee will disable MacBook Pro from accessing the Internet, apps and files, but Touch Bar on MacBook Pro can break these restrictions, that’s why Touch Bar must be disabled.

ExamSoft, the company that provides exam management solutions, said that Touch Bar’s text prediction will effect the completeness of the exam. Let’s see how to disable the text predction of Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.

  1. Open the System Preferences.
  2. Click Keyboard.
  3. In the Keyboard window you can see two drop-down menus. In the first drop-down menu (Multi-Touch Bar), select Unfolded Control Strip.
  4. In the second drop-down menu, select Display F1, F2, etc.

After finishing the above settings, you will see the Touch Bar displays default function keys. The text prediction can be restored anytime it’s needed.

Skype for Mac 7.50 update: easier for sharing


Skype for Mac 7.50 has just been released. It supports macOS Share extensions, letting users share files, videos and photos more conveniently.

Microsoft said Skype for Mac 7.50 supports Share extensions on macOS 10.10 and higher. Users can directly share files on Skype by selecting them, clicking “Share,” and clicking “Skype” in the menu.

After updating to version 7.50, users can open Skype through Preferences > Extensions > Share Mnue, and use the features.

Last month for MacBook Pro users Apple has added a new feature in version 7.48: Touch Bar support. With Skype 7.48 users have more convenient control of calls. And through Touch Bar, users get to see the object’s name & avatar image and start a video call, the Silence and Hang on buttons are both bright red. Touch Bar has other regular buttons including adjustment for brightness & volume, Siri and Exit.

Skype for Mac 7.50 improves both its performance and stability.

Office for Mac update: Touch Bar support added

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In October last year Apple has announced that Office for Mac will support Touch Bar. And a few days ago Microsoft has released an update of Office for Mac – the highly anticipated Touch Bar support has been added. Since then users who have the 2016 MacBook Pro can enjoy the features of Touch Bar in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Touch Bar will provide features including text formatting adjustment like bold, italic, underline and colors.


Microsoft also mentioned that while editing documents in full screen, users will find the Touch Bar very practical – the screen displays the document content, and Touch Bar displays various buttons. They will also release a “Focus Mode” for Word with better performance.

In PowerPoint, Touch Bar can help with the image elements, quick demos and text formatting.



In Excel, users can use the common formula like summation on Touch Bar.


Outlook will add email management buttons as well as the shortcuts of Skype call, video, desktop sharing.

Last week Microsoft announced Office Insider, aka Office for Mac beta version has supported Touch Bar, and now the official version finally benefits.