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The latest version of Safari automatically blocks “+” when searching?

According to the media, an interesting bug found on the latest version of iOS and macOS is the inability to search with the plus sign (“+”). Specifically, when you use Google Search in Safari, type the search query associated with the “+” sign in the address bar, and press “Go” to search, the “+” will be removed from the output.

Similarly, you can search in the search field of a Google page – you’ll end up with a page with the “+.” There are so many products today that use the “+” symbol in their name. For example, when you search for Apple News +, you’ll see results for “Apple News,” and the same result for Apple TV + and Disney +.

Newly launched Apple News+ kept crashing and Apple fixed it right away

The updates of iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 brought users the new Apple News+. But some users and subscribers were very upset that it kept crashing somehow.


After starting, it displayed content temporarily, then crashed. It seems the devices with iOS 12.2 and macOS beta that encountered such bugs have no similarity, and it have nothing to do with iCloud accounts. At present, reinstalling the system still cannot solve the problem.