Notion, a super digital note free for college teachers and students

by removeos_admin

Notion is a stylish and functional note-taking app and a collaborative document editor. It can not only be used to take notes, but also as a blog, task management board, designer’s display of personal works, etc.


In the education market, Notion is in fierce competition with tools such as Evernote, Bear, and Microsoft OneNote and is shining because it not only supports students’ class notes, reference books, learning task processes, community homepages, but also provides teachers with online lesson production, classroom resource sharing, class schedules, and student manuals. It can be considered as a cross-platform super-assist tool. 

On September 17th, Notion announced its free access to the education market, offering preferential educational applications for students and teachers to use Notion’s Personal package for free, including unlimited uploading, storage and other functions, which are worthy trying.

As part of this action, developers will publish 25 templates to guide students and teachers to understand its multifaceted capabilities. Existing users can access premium features for free by changing their login address to .edu or another academic domain name.

It should be noted that Notion’s current preferential educational applications are only towards the colleges. Domestic students and teachers may submit the application to the email address of school education (only supports .edu and .ac). If your school does not have an education email address or is not on the verification list, you may submit a student ID verification to the customer service.

For a company that recently announced it has 1 million users, offering Notion’s advanced features to the education community for free is a more aggressive growth strategy. Notion’s versatility may be overwhelming for new users, and it has a learning curve that simple note-taking products can hardly compete with. Notion is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Teachers and students who are in need may apply.