macOS Catalina will add the “Pro Mode”, then how about a low intervention mode?

by removeos_admin

Today, media 9to5Mac found some evidence in the latest macOS 10.15.3 Beta, which reveals that Apple is developing “professional mode” features for its desktop system to improve the performance of portable Macs. This feature is plain to improve Mac performance at the expense of battery life and fan noise.


We are happy with this feature, but since there is a “professional mode”, should a “low power consumption mode” be added to the other group of users, whose features is the opposite of professional modes to extend the battery life?

Professional mode in exchange of battery life

According to the code found in the beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.3, Pro Mode will be a new setting that can be turned on and off by the user. When Pro Mode is enabled, the code description is “Applications run faster, but battery life may be reduced and fan noise may increase.


Presumably Pro Mode is related to the macOS power management system, which can bypass some of the restrictions set by default to reduce energy consumption. Pro Mode doesn’t bring any “super features” to your MacBook, it just breaks through Apple’s own power management mechanism.

Then, if users need to further extend the battery life, would Apple add a “low power mode” to the MacBook?

Low power mode for a longer battery life

As one of the main functions of iOS, low power mode is familiar to everyone. When the battery power is low, the system will reduce iPhone background activities and some network activities, and take over control of screen brightness.


Users’ attitudes towards the use of low power mode are different. Some people choose to enable iPhone immediately when the battery life drops below 80%, and some would wait until it drops below 20%. And of course, some don’t even bother to turn on the low power mode, because they are accustomed to charge their phones when the batter life is running out.

But we can’t deny that the low power mode can be very useful for emergencies, such as long-term outdoor operations.


Prior to the 10.15.3 beta release, some users and the media had long asked Apple for both “Pro Mode” and “Low Power Mode”. They suggested that Apple could provide three options for MacBook: “Low Power Mode”, “Standard Mode” and “Pro Mode”. Each mode has a specific purpose: “Low Power Mode” to extend battery life, “Professional Mode” to enhance performance without considering the battery and original power, and “Standard Mode” to balance the two.

Do you think it is necessary to add such a low power mode to macOS? What mode would you use most of the time?