Be careful! Two malware appeared on Mac

Recently two Mac malware respectively called “MacSpy” and “MacRansom” which attack through MaaS and RaaS have been discovered on Dark Web.


They both came from the same malware developer, but security companies Fortinet and AlienVault thought the developer is inexperienced, pointing out that the malware don’t have digital signature file, which means macOS that has protective measures can detect them and send alerts. Researchers called MacSpy a “better coding tool”, MacRansom is a more dangerous malware due to its ability of permanently destroying users’ files.

Fortunately, MacSpy and MacRansome haven’t spread widely, because the developer requires contact from customers for direct price negotiation. Meanwhile, Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle said Internet criminals have been focusing on Mac more and more. Researcher Ruben Dodge said that users of macOS and iOS need to be much more careful, because it’s very likely they will be targets of hackers. Despite that fact that MacSpy and MacRansom haven’t infected many computers, there can be a very powerful malware awaiting in the near future.

Although Mac computer is considered safer than Windows PC, but lately the number of outlaws targeting Mac is growing.

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